Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looking Back, It Wasn't SO Bad...

It's no secret I didn't love being pregnant, what with the weight gain, heartburn, and constant need to pee.  I was actually happy to be hooked up to a catheter for two days post delivery just so I didn't have to run to the bathroom every five minutes. (Oddly enough, now that I have a baby, escaping to the bathroom for 15 seconds to pee is my only solace during the day).

I'll never miss waddling around with swollen ankles or breathlessly climbing stairs.  
But even pregnancy has its perks; here's what I loved most about bearing a bump... 

It's an excuse to wear stretchy pants.
Cars stop to allow you to jaywalk.  
Other customers let you cut in front of them at the bank. 
You're off the hook when it comes to shoveling snow (although I did end up trying to dig myself out of the driveway once, much to Doug's chagrin).
Your hair looks silky smooth and your skin glows.
You're pretty much always shopping for clothes.
It's the only time I've ever been to Vegas (go figure). 
No one judges you when you ask for seconds. 
You don't have to do any heavy lifting (although there were several occasions where I took the ladder out in order to rearrange the nursery closet. Again, much to Doug's chagrin. Blame it on "nesting").
There's no need to explain why you've had two pedicures in four weeks... you can't even see your own feet, let alone reach down to trim your toenails. 
The cleavage is pretty fantastic. 
Doug waited on me hand and foot; probably because I reminded him every day, "YOU did this to me!"
No one would blame you for leaving your legs unshaved (although I was in the shower grooming myself in between contractions... I wasn't going into the delivery room with an out-of-control situation 'down there').
You playfully refer to your baby as a different food each week.
When else can you get away with wearing a bikini while looking like a beached whale?

And let's face it... nothing compares to feeling those little kicks, tiny hiccups, and small summersaults. It really is magic.


  1. I LOVE IT!! I had to laugh at the showering between contractions comment though... when I was preggers w/Elle, I asked my OB the week I was due if it was still ok for me to get a bikini wax and she laughed and said, "Yes... but don't do it for my sake!" I hope to meet your little girl sometime soon!!

    --Laura Foran

  2. You're very brave to get waxed that far along!