Saturday, October 16, 2010

HELP! Bumpers and Solids and Diapers, Oh My!

Dear Loyal Readers (yes, all twelve of you),

I should start by letting you all know that someone has taken my child and replaced her with a monkey. 
In the past week, my perfect little sleeper has turned into a hootin' n' hollerin' little animal, keeping me up all night long.  As I sleepily stumble into the nursery and peer over her crib she crinkles her nose and laughs at me, as if it's all a big joke.

Of course, her goofy, gummy grin is the cutest thing in the world, even at 3 a.m. so I don't mind her ruse all that much.  
But Mackenzie's recent monkey business has led to a big debate in the Rohrbeck household.
The crib bumper: toss it or leave it?
Doug wants to toss it after reading all of the horrific warnings about their dangers. 
I vote to keep it because without the padding little Mackenzie manages to get her legs stuck in the crib slats and has bumped her head against the wood.

Now on to solids.
Our pediatrician suggested that we wait until Mackenzie is six months old before giving her any solids since she's "clearly thriving"... the polite way of telling us she's on the chunky side.
But the frequent night wakings are taking a toll, especially after we got a taste of what it's like to have a baby who was close to sleeping through the night. 
She eats every time she wakes, so... is she just too hungry? Does she need a little something before bed to fill her tummy?

And I know you're all sick (probably literally) of me talking about my daughter's poop all the time, but I've reached the point where I may go postal on Pampers if the diaper leaks don't stop soon. 
I've moved up a size, and change Mackenzie each time she wakes at night, but I can't subdue the poo! 
Every morning I'm greeted by a stained onesie and a soiled crib pad. 
My washing machine is programmed to the "auto soak" cycle and our water and electric bills are going to be through the roof. 
The worst part about it is that Mackenzie has started rolling over, so she's often face down in the crib when I go in to get her in the morning. EW.
What's a mom to do? I've heard that Luvs don't leak... any suggestions to help with the diaper dilemma would be appreciated! 

Frustrated, Confused, Sleepless Mommy 


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