Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Things Every New Mommy Should Know

1. You are not alone. The woman across the street is also fantasizing about wine and a warm bath at this very moment.
2. Give it time. Your pants WILL fit again.
3. What worked five minutes ago will not work five minutes from now.
4. Strangers feel the need to give you parenting advice. It is your right to tell them off.
5. At some point you will have to improvise. Embrace your inner Mommy MacGyver.
6. Your patience is never done being tested.
7. Sometimes your baby will laugh and cry in the same breath. You are likely to do the same.
8. It is perfectly acceptable to consider a piece of string cheese and some crackers a meal.
9. Sleep is overrated anyway.
10. You are doing your very best.

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