Friday, October 14, 2011

Long Live The Momcation

I used to complain that I never get vacations anymore now that I'm a SAHM. I'm talking about vacations in the traditional sense, where I get time off from work. For now, there really is no time off from work, because when you're home with a kiddo 24/7 you don't get the benefits that come with an office job. Hell, I don't even get a bathroom break anymore.

So when I first lamented to Doug about no longer having any time "off" it was a bit of a pity party... and I was the only guest in attendance.
After all -- as my adoring husband pointed out -- his vacations also serve as my vacations.  I get a bit of a break having him home. And these days a "staycation" is just as restful and relaxing as an actual getaway.
So while I can no longer indulge in midday cocktails on a beach in the Dominican Republic (at least not anytime soon) here's how I've enjoyed my "momcation" while Doug has been home this week...

* I didn't have to empty the Diaper Genie once.

* I've showered without having to jump out of the stall mid-shampoo to prevent Mackenzie from climbing into the toilet.

* I took a nap yesterday. Like, a real one. And it was amazing.

* I haven't had to change every steaming diaper this week.

* I've been able to do the following in peace: Pee, brush my teeth, get dressed, put on makeup (date night Wednesday), and -- DRUM ROLL PLEASE -- go to the grocery store.  ALONE.  Imagine that? It was just as magical as those midday cocktails on the beach.   ALMOST.  

* I had help bringing the groceries in the house.  OK - This actually IS as magical as midday cocktails on the beach.  

* I've had help when Mackenzie has thrown tantrums, refused her dinner, and demanded someone read "The Going To Bed Book" six times in a row.

* I've actually been able to fold laundry in under five minutes thanks to the fact that Mackenzie has been distracted by her daddy and hasn't wanted to try on each article of clothing that comes out of the dryer.

* I haven't had to make the bed all week.  Not once! And Doug actually does a pretty good job with hospital corners.  

* I'm writing this post from the comfort of a massage chair while getting a pedicure.

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