Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey, Soul Sister

I never thought I'd join a moms group, simply because I never understood the appeal of forcing yourself to be friends with a total stranger just because you both have a kid. Nevertheless, I've found an amazing group of women who like to workout together and take pride in setting a healthy example for their children. We meet weekdays to get back in shape after the beautiful miracle of childbirth ruined our bodies.
This class has done wonders for my post-baby figure, but the real reward is having a support network to lean on, learn from, and laugh with.

The women in this group surprise me everyday.
Whether it's watching one help her toddler pee in the training potty in the middle of the park, or seeing another carry her infant wrapped around her waist while pushing a double stroller... hearing about how one mother keeps the spark in her marriage or listening to another admit that she's relatively neglected during football season (aren't we all?).
It's proof that moms need other moms, someone to let them know they're not alone, or that no matter how unconventional their parenting technique is at times, they're doing their very best.
Who else, besides a mother (my own mom included) am I going to talk to about peeing with my daughter on my lap because she'll start screaming if I put her down? Or taking the baby into the shower with me to save some time and wash us both simultaneously? Where else do I get advice about nursing in a moving vehicle? And who else would listen to me confess that I actually enjoyed a dentist appointment because I got to put my feet up and close my eyes for an hour and a half? Who else would I laugh with about the fact that -- due to no childcare that day -- I had to hold Mackenzie on my stomach during a gynecological exam? 
It's a real bond between mothers... one that I never understood until now. 
After all, who else is going to make sure we all stay sane?
Here's to all the moms who are there for other moms.

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  1. Here here!!! I love reading your blog (when I get a minute to relax and read that is). It makes me smile, laugh and sometimes cry. You are doing great Dominique and Mackenzie is absolutly beautiful. Happy Holidays too:)- Trish