Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Crafty

I'm now two months in and I feel like I've been doing this my whole life, even though there are some days I feel like jumping off the roof. Did I mention I quit smoking almost a year ago when I found out I was pregnant and I've been craving a cigarette ever since?

Enough... enough... enough.

I've learned a few new party tricks in the last several weeks.  I used to touch my nose to the ground in Down Dog and balance on one arm in Side Crow. Now I pick up fallen burp cloths with my toes and change a diaper in the dark at 4 a.m. with one hand. 

As a news producer for almost ten years I learned a lot about deadlines, organization, and multi-tasking.  But this job is a whole new dimension.  
If you miss your deadline in broadcast television, you end up with a black hole on air.  A crisis of epic proportions in TV land.  But hey, it's just television.  A news director once told me, "It's not like we're doctors.  Nobody's going to die."

If you'd asked me a year ago what the most important part of my day was I'd answer, "making air."  Now it's picking my daughter up out of her crib and brushing her cheek against mine. 
But I do miss the day to day routine of getting up and behaving like a normal person. Up, shower, hair, makeup, work, home, dinner, sleep. Up, shower, hair, makeup, work, home, dinner, sleep.  


This is so much more fun.  Even when my hair smells like spit up and showering has become a long forgotten task on my "to do" list.

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