Tuesday, August 31, 2010

20 Signs You've Been Made

* Your legs are battered and bruised from carrying a car seat
* You're able to pick up just about anything with your toes
* You can now eat faster than Joey Chestnut
* You've mastered the art of texting while nursing
* You've learned how to fit all of your groceries around the car seat

* You hear "Pop Goes the Weasel" in your head even when the bouncy seat is turned off
* You're never quite sure what day it is
* You've learned how to turn any surface into a changing table
* You find yourself rocking a shopping cart back and forth even when there's no baby in it
* Whatever you usually did with two hands can now be accomplished with one
* You've bathed yourself with baby wipes
* You don't remember the last time you wore your hair down
* You've started buying stain remover in bulk
* You fantasize about taking an uninterrupted shower
* You get your sweatpants hemmed
* You've put yourself in "time out" once or twice
* You've learned to always keep the car moving
* You've come to appreciate automatic doors
* You've wondered why no one has formulated baby whiskey
* You're reminded daily that each moment is fleeting, that this child will soon grow up and leave your side, and you fear the day you'll no longer be needed.

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