Thursday, July 29, 2010

When Fairy Tales are Tall Tales

I always thought I'd be a mom, but never actually pictured myself mothering. Maybe that's why I was shocked at how hard things were at first. Or maybe it's because no one ever shares the unglamorous and often horrid details of parenthood.  
No, it's all fairy tales and pixie dust when you're "expecting" (and when you're in the hospital and the professionals are there to help care for your newborn).

But what happens when you get home and you're all alone, save for your significant other who also has no clue as to what to do with the newest addition to your family?
When your child won't sleep and poop is flying across the room. 
When you forget what it's like to take a shower or brush your teeth. 
When you've done your 12th load of laundry in two days and you have spit up in places you haven't seen for months.
One of our first poop explosions

If you're like me you panic, have several meltdowns, and wonder what's the fastest way to return the baby to the stork.
Now, for those of you who are actually reading this blog and wondering how I could be such an awful mother... Well I have news for you. 
As it turns out I'm getting the hang of this.  And come to think of it, I'm actually pretty good at it too.  I love my baby. I care for her with every bone in my banged up post natal body. 
The early baby blues have come and gone.  They're now shoved away into the back of my closet along with my bikini and my skinny jeans.
The truth, moms, is that no one prepares you for motherhood.  No one tells you about the bad stuff because frankly, you forget about it each time your baby falls asleep on your chest... 
or smiles...
or grabs your finger with a tiny little hand. 
And those are the times we're reminded of why we did this in the first place... 
A new life, completely innocent and filled with wonder, relying on us to share all that's beautiful in the world. 

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