Saturday, May 26, 2012

To The Military Moms...

For giving birth without your spouse by your side,
For picking up the family and moving from state to state and country to country just when you're starting to get settled,
For every bath time and bedtime you handle all alone,
For mowing the lawn, and paying the bills, and taking out the trash and doing the cooking and cleaning and laundry,
For every long day and lonely night,
For every time you help with homework and practice throwing a ball,
For every tear shed and each prayer said,
For every holiday and birthday missed,
For staying strong when overwhelmed with fear,
For all the night wakings and double ear infections and temper tantrums you have faced alone,
And for those who have ever had to bear the unthinkable burden of explaining to your children why Daddy isn't coming home,
We salute you. Today and always.

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