Monday, May 7, 2012

Somewhere Between Tummy Time and Potty Time

Somewhere between tummy time and potty time you'll find me...

* Tripping over toys
* Nursing during a tea party
* Drowning in laundry
* Plotting an escape
* Lying spread eagle at the Obgyn with one child projectile spitting up and the other trying to get a good look at what's going on between the stirrups
* Scouring Pinterest for anything that will a) keep my toddler preoccupied for 30 minutes and b) get my toddler to like broccoli again
* Wondering if I've forgotten any thank you cards
* Trying to plan a birthday party
* Cursing the people who don't hold the door for a woman lugging a car seat and dragging a distracted 2-year-old by the sleeve... As if chivalry and basic human decency automatically die as soon as someone decides to have more than one child... Like these people are trying to teach me a lesson or something
* Musing at how my eyebrows have been so terribly neglected that they now resemble a prepubescent boy's mustache
* Counting the seconds until tummy time (aka baby torture) concludes
* Pumping while preparing breakfast and washing dishes
* Unclipping every piece of baby gear that Mackenzie has fastened shut
* Drowning in more laundry
* Attempting to mop up the regurgitated breast milk that has pooled in my cleavage
* Searching for time to brush my teeth, go to the bathroom, and blog
* Hating the Kay Jewelers commercial featuring a perfect looking, well rested couple with a newborn. Those two are much too enthusiastic about getting up to feed their baby and neither one looks the least bit sleep deprived.
* Wondering where Mackenzie gets her energy and trying to figure out what happened to my own
* Forcing myself to remember that everything is just a phase
* Changing too many diapers
* Sitting patiently while Mackenzie tries to pee in the potty and making sure not to get too annoyed when she falls into the bowl (she doesn't want to use her toddler size seat, go figure)
* Trying to maintain a semblance of sanity
Mommy readers... where are YOU?


  1. loving your post. it does get better.

  2. How sick are you of hearing " it does get better"? No offense Anonymous......