Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Pregnant and I Know It

Thirty-one week Obgyn appointment...
Seems simple enough, right?
Unless you're me -- easily annoyed to begin with, and downright crazy when you throw some pregnancy hormones into the mix.
Which is why my otherwise easy Friday left me rolling my eyes and huffing and puffing to the point that steam was coming out of my ears. 
Let's start with the fact that I was running a few minutes late for my appointment, and probably looked somewhat frantic schlepping Mackenzie through the horrendous maze of a parking lot at the doctor's office. As I breathlessly entered the elevator -- 31-weeks pregnant toting a 25-lb. toddler, mind you -- the woman next to me had the nerve -- the NERVE! -- to remark, "You need to get him walking soon."

Really? What about the bright pink pants screams BOY to you, lady? And how the eff do you know whether or not SHE can walk? If I let her down to make the trek to the third floor we'd be here until my due date.
I tried to keep my cool, calmly telling this ridiculous woman that it was a GIRL and SHE walks, runs, and climbs perfectly fine, it's just that we were running a little late. She laughed, turned, and said, "Oh, yes. I know."
How I managed to get through the lobby without attacking her is beyond me.
To make things a little more interesting when we arrived at the office, Mackenzie thought it would be a real hoot to throw all of the unused urine sample cups into the toilet. Ever try to rescue paper cups from drowning? While trying to pull up your pants? While attempting to keep a 20-month-old from spilling your own urine sample?
Shortly after our good times in the bathroom ended, we had a major diaper leak while waiting for the Obgyn. Mackenzie -- who was busy trying to choke herself with the blood pressure monitor -- peed almost immediately after I changed her into a fresh diaper. And since Seventh Generation diapers suddenly stopped working for us for some reason, there was not only urine all over her pants but a huge puddle on the floor.
At this point I realized that we'd been waiting for the doctor for over 30 minutes and I decided it was time to speak up before I completely flipped my lid. Turns out no one had actually TOLD my doctor we had arrived so she didn't even know we were there.
Luckily everything checked out okay with baby boy and we were on our way in no time. But I was seriously enraged the entire way home and it took practically all of my energy to calm myself once we pulled into the driveway. 
Doug thinks I overreact and doesn't understand why "little things" like obnoxious people in elevators bug me so much.  I say, how WOULDN'T things like this piss someone off? 
I say... Mind your own damn business, lady. 
Keep the urine sample cups somewhere other than right next to the toilet (though, that does make the most sense, huh?) 
Make some diapers that are actually good for the environment AND contain leaks, instead of suddenly failing customers after 20 months of loyal use. 
And do your job diligently instead of dumping a woman and her toddler in a small, cold room and skipping off to lunch. 
Ahhhh... it feels good, sharing my feelings.  It really does.  But I promise this: I won't complain again for the rest of the pregnancy the month the week today.

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  1. Many congrats, loved reading your story and look forward to following along!