Monday, January 16, 2012

10 Signs My First May Not Be Ready For My Second

Three months left until Number Two graces us with his presence and so far Mackenzie has shown remarkable interest in the Baby In Mommy's Belly. But while she's demonstrated impressive talent when it comes to caring for her baby dolls (diaper changes that rival mine as a new mom, for example) I'm a bit concerned for her new brother.
Here are ten signs my first baby may not be ready for her big sister role...

1) The other night Mackenzie dragged baby doll into the tub... And proceeded to hold her head under water.

2) Baby doll was then nearly strangled with a necklace.

3) Mackenzie likes to show her love for the doll by feeding her Goldfish crackers.

4) Recently Mackenzie decided it was time for the doll to take a plunge... Right off the high chair. When she landed on the floor Big Sister Mackenzie cheered, naturally.

5) Later that day baby doll was shoved into the stroller and purportedly taken to the playground where Mackenzie pushed her down the slide.

6) Mackenzie prefers that her doll doesn't wear clothes. Ever.

7) Lately she's enjoyed shoving Q-tips in the doll's ears.

8) The doll has been smeared with everything from peanut butter to toothpaste.

9) Mackenzie thinks it's funny to sometimes sit on dolly's face. 

10) The other morning I rescued baby doll seconds before Mackenzie could flush her down the toilet.  

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