Monday, January 30, 2012

10 Reasons to Just Do It

No... I'm not talking about doing the deed, the nasty, the wild thing, or -- as that classy braud Deena from "Jersey Shore" puts it -- "doing sex".
No... That's how we got here, remember? That's how we went from skinny jeans to Spanx. From mini skirts to mini vans. From cocktail hours to witching hours.
I'm talking about getting our asses off the couch and getting moving. Elmo will still be there when we get back.

Borrowing a line from the Nike play book -- Just Do It. No excuses. No procrastination.
But WHY? It's so much easier to just neglect ourselves and let gravity have its way.
We're exhausted beyond belief. Our workout clothes have lost their elasticity due to postpartum overuse --after all, what else would we wear during those first few weeks spent lifelessly feeding fussy babies and watching the Food Network while eating candy? Why sweat when we don't even have time to shower in the first place?
WHY? Because our performance as mothers is -- in part -- dictated by our ability to keep up with our kids and to stay healthy and strong for years to come.
Here are 10 reasons why it's essential that we get our butts in gear. Now.

1) We don't want to be visited in the nursing home some day.

2) It'd be nice to fit into those skinny jeans again.

3) It's pretty sad when a MOM gets injured at the playground. Not to mention embarrassing.

4) Spider veins. Cellulite. Sciatica. Tendonitis. Carpal tunnel. Urinary incontinence. Need me to keep going?

5) We want to live to see our children's children.

6) We'd rather not have to dress like a nun each time we take our kids to the pool.

7) Endorphins make a mommy happy. Happy mommy equals happy family.

8) We'd like to climb the stairs holding a car seat, a diaper bag, and the dry cleaning without gasping for air.

9) Healthy mommies raise healthy babies.

10) Who wouldn't want to look better naked?

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