Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New Me

As we prepare to ring in the new year I thought I'd share my resolutions for 2012.

1) I will not roll my eyes at the genius fortunetellers who look at my baby bump and my rambunctious toddler and confidently announce that I'm going to have my hands full. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

2) I will attempt to remain calm and refrain from foul, vulgar language. At least in the presence of my daughter.

3) I will try to trade in my sweats for jeans at least once a week.

4) I will not feel guilty leaving my house with an unmade bed or with dirty dishes in the sink. So long as my child has on a clean diaper, I'll be good to go.

5) I will get my hair cut more than once this year.

6) I will try to be more understanding of my husband, and never question why he'd dress Mackenzie in mismatched clothes.

7) I vow to never again eat stale Cheerios that I find tucked into the car seat, nestled in couch cushions, or buried in Mackenzie's pillow case.

8) I will make a concerted effort to avoid the clothing section each time I shop at Target.

9) I will not judge another mother.  Ever.  

10) I will be sure to thank my own mother more often.  

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