Thursday, April 28, 2011

Food For Thought

I'm starting to worry that my OCD is getting in the way of Mackenzie's development.  
Yeah, I've relaxed a bit when it comes to order in the house. 
I no longer have a minor panic attack if the plantation shutters are in disarray after Mackenzie has moved them up and down.
I've given up on the notion that my house will remain spotless at all times. 
And although I still feel like I'm constantly tackling piles of laundry that never end, I don't feel the need to do five loads a day just so that the hamper remains empty. 

But when it comes to feedings, I can't quite completely let go of my inhibitions and succumb to the fact that spaghetti sauce will one day make it onto my kitchen ceiling. 
It's no secret that my daughter has always enjoyed eating. 
In the past couple of weeks we've been experimenting with table food, which she seems to consume like a real pro.  The only problem is that I know it's time to pass over the spoon and allow Mackenzie to self feed.  The few times I've reluctantly given her a baby utensil I've immediately gone into a state of panic, and I can feel my chest tighten as she reaches for the bowl of pureed food that will inevitably end up everywhere but her mouth. 
I've read all the books and listened to every bit of advice, so I know that despite the mess I really do need to suck it up and let my child feed herself.  Otherwise she'll be going off to college and won't know how to properly use a fork on her own. 
But for a mother who's obsessed with cleanliness -- especially in the kitchen -- I can't help but follow Mackenzie's every move with about a dozen rolls of paper towels. 
Even if I use the biggest bib in the world, bits of food always seem to end up in her hair, on the floor, or between my kitchen cabinets.  
So, dear readers, please help a sister out and send your best advice for beginning the long and dirty process of teaching a kid to self feed.  If you don't act soon I may end up in the loony bin for good this time. 

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  1. Hey Girl!! How is the self-feeding going? I know what you mean about the messes!! I used to add oatmeal or rice cereal to "loose" foods... like baby yogurt or baby food fruits & veggies... thickening up the consistency of foods helped the babies keep the food on their spoon better and off the ceiling more!! Also, it's time to introduce Doug to 1st Saturdays at Home Depot!! The first Sat. of each month, Home Depots have "Kids' workshops"... technically I think they are supposed to be for older kids, like pre-school age, but Hans started taking Elle when she was less than a year. He and a friend do "Daddy's breakfast" and then go to Home Depot or the the library, bookstore, that kind of thing and I get to sleep in, work out, shop solo, etc. (but I digress!)... Where was I?? OH YEAH... at the Home Depot Kids' Workshops, they GIVE each kid (EACH MONTH) an orange Home Depot smock, kid sized of course... they make great FULL COVERAGE bibs (good for more than just meal-time, too, like finger painting and other messy crafts!) ... we went so far as to cut the neck so we could tie it (rather than slip over the head) and so could control how high up it covered! Not only functional, but FREE, too!!

    I hope you had a wonderful, first "FACE TO FACE" - mess free - Mother's Day with Mackenzie!!