Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Mommy Is Made Goes GTL

They're baaaaack! And arguably, they're better than ever. 
A new year brings a new season of Jersey Shore.  And since this atrocity of a show is A Mommy Is Made's guiltiest pleasure, I thought I'd take the time to send a shout-out to my favorite meatballs.

Here are ten reasons why the cast members would make great parents... 

* Kids love oompa loompas.
* No matter how many times Snooki falls down, she always manages to pick her pint-sized self back up again. That perseverance and determination are essential in motherhood.
* JWoww is the ultimate disciplinarian. 
* Situation is a model housewife.  He doesn't let the laundry pile up, keeps the house clean, and is a great cook.
* Have no fear... The boys would never let their kids get anywhere NEAR a grenade. 
* Ron and Sam bicker like there's no tomorrow.  But they always wind up back in each other's arms.  That's love.
* Deena is a "walking holiday"... and really, who wouldn't love that?
* Their kids' birthday parties would be off the hook.  
* The girls always carry around plush, snuggly pillows to cuddle with.
* They're already used to being up all hours of the night, cleaning up puke, and listening to incessant screaming. 

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