Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Tis The Season

A Mommy Is Made has been on hiatus for awhile.  
Not because I didn't want to write.  But because I just haven't had the time.  Or the energy.  Or the patience.  
But it's a season of hope and joy and giving and love.  A season of believing. 
I'm reminded of that every time I look at my children.  Every morning that Mackenzie runs downstairs, anxiously searching for the Elf on the Shelf.  
She cooked him breakfast this morning.  And was delighted to find that -- after several hours -- the Elf had eaten everything she had prepared for him.  The apple juice, the milk, the vegetables, the fruit, the pasta... I can go on and on.  

But back to my first point.  
About how I could've neglected this blog for so long.  Especially when it was such an important outlet for me to clear my head and let others know they're not alone in this crazy thing we call motherhood.  
Well... it turns out, it's not just a season filled with magic.  
It's a season filled with runny noses, and croupy coughs, and ear infections, and temper tantrums.  MY, OH, MY... the temper tantrums.  
I've recently felt that my spirit had been broken.  
Because it's so difficult for me to watch my precious little girl go from a sweet, sweet angel to... well, quite the opposite in the blink of an eye.  Because she couldn't watch more TV.  Or have fruit snacks for breakfast.  
But such is life for a two-and-a-half-year-old I guess. 

I've been worn down to the point where I often don't even recognize myself.  I can snap in an instant because I'm just so darn tired.  But I need to keep things in perspective.  Because my problems aren't problems.  They're facts of life.  And motherhood.  And there are so many mothers out there with true pain and heartache and I -- like you -- have been tragically reminded how important it is to count my blessings. 

As I watched Mackenzie's eyes light up this morning when she saw Santa enter the mall in plain clothes, my spirit was reignited.  The wonder and awe touched my heart.  She still believed.  Even without the red suit.  
Two days ago, while I was changing Braden's diaper he looked up at me with a glowing smile and said, clear as day, "Mama".  It was a small moment.  A short moment.  A moment I will never, ever forget for as long as I live. 

There are so many days when I want to huddle in the corner and beam myself to another planet.  A world without dirty diapers, simultaneous crying, spit up-stained carpets, sticky floors.  A place where I don't feel the need to turn on the garbage disposal just to drown out the whining and "Mom, mom, mom... MOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!" 
But then I wouldn't have the chance to see my beautiful children laugh together when Mackenzie gets into Braden's crib and tickles him.  Or witness the utter hilarity that ensues when they splash in the bath together.  It would be a quiet place.  A happy place, no doubt.  But knowing what I know and seeing what I've seen, my soul would be empty.  

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