Monday, August 6, 2012

We. Are. Mom.

I used to write this blog with great ease and efficiency.  That was back before Mackenzie spent the day asking me a million questions about unimportant things and insisting that she dress herself.  And before I had another baby. 
Now things aren't so simple.  But today served as a reminder for why I started writing this "living" journal in the first place.  So as not to forget.  I never wanted to forget this experience.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  

So after this crazy, grueling, challenging, and -- quite honestly -- hellish day, I wanted to sit down and write.  Because my children inspired me to write.  And you inspired me to write. 
Today started like any other day.  
A 6:15 wakeup call.  
But Mackenzie scurried into my room and curled up next to me and spent another hour nestled in my arms.  And of course, I thought I was golden.  
You'd think I would've learned by now. 
First it was the tantrum that ensued after Mackenzie discovered that I hadn't packed any fruit snacks for Stroller Strides.  But explaining that I didn't BUY any fruit snacks didn't suffice.  She wanted her fruit snacks and she wanted them NOW! Never mind the 20 other snacks she had at her disposal.  I was toast. 
Then she threw a fit because I wouldn't give her cookies AFTER I'd already allowed her a lollipop.  Then it was the bottle of water she dumped on my bed, ensuring that I not only had to wash my sheets but also spend 15 minutes blow drying the mattress.  The mattress that she peed on just a week ago.  This was time I could've spent doing more important things.  Like... I don't know... nursing her brother who was sitting in the corner starving. 
During dinner she managed to hit Braden in the back of the head with a tennis ball, her aim so precise it envied a perfect pitch from a major leaguer.  And it didn't stop there.  It took an hour and a half of high-pitched screaming before she finally went to bed tonight.  Sidebar... She actually woke up AGAIN halfway through me writing this post. She wanted her door OPEN and her fan ON.  I swear... The door was OPEN and the fan was ON.  And still, I'm apparently the worst mother ever. 
But such is life. 
The life of a mom. 
The best job in the world. 
Or is it? 
We spend our days trying to maintain an ounce of patience with children who dump a bottle of water on themselves in the stroller. 
Toddlers who think it's fun to take their shoes off in public restrooms. 
We chase them through the playground trying to save them after they've shoved a handful of rocks into their mouths. 
Kids who demand a hotdog for lunch only to throw it on the floor.  The floor you just cleaned on your hands and knees.  
We give, and give, and give. 
And they take.
And take. 
And take some more. 
And it changes us.  
We're tired. 
We're cranky. 
We're cynical.  
          OK - Maybe I'm the only one tired, and cranky, and cynical.  But if you're with me on that then leave a comment so I know I'm not alone! 
But... We are MOM. 
We're the ones who kiss boo boos. 
And run through sprinklers. 
And always have a snack. 
And share our french fries. 
And buy the Dora backpack. 
And the fruit snacks.  THE FRUIT SNACKS!!!! 
After all the insanity that came with this particular Monday, the best part of my day was spent in bed, flanked by both of my children.  They each woke up after an hour long nap and were brought into my room to snuggle.  An hour later, they were still cuddled up next to me.  And they both looked so, so happy. 
My neck was stiff and my arm was sore.  But my heart was content. 
And this is why I cry at each and every P&G commercial that celebrates the mothers of the Olympic athletes.  
This is why I decided to have these crazy kids in the first place.  
Because no matter how hard they break you down, they build you up like no one else ever can. 


  1. Tired, cranky & cynical here. However, it doesn't stop me from wanting more little buggers. I apparently am a glutton for punishment! *)

  2. You are most definitely not alone.

  3. I too am tired, cranky and cynical... but like you, the love in my heart for my children is so much larger than all the frustration i experience.. and I find myself falling more and more in love with them each day, no matter how many bowls of Cheerios Julianne drops on the floor, or how many outfits Daniel poops through as we are trying to walk out the door, the smile returns to my face as I watch them both sleep peacefully.. and I take deep breaths and pray for more patience wach day

  4. Great post! I too cry when I see the mom commercials for the Olympics. It is interesting how people are equally interested in the mom's reaction to their child winning the gold (or not) as they are to the actual athlete:). Mom's rule!

  5. You are awesome. I cry at those commercials and I am tired and cranky. But then hold one (or both) of the little ones and my heart swells and a big lump forms in my throat and tears well in my eyes. The greatest happiness ever. Then Liam slaps me in the face and Lily has a blow out all over my arms. I change my smelly clothes for the third time and attempt to explain why slapping mommy in the face is not funny. Yeah, I hear you!! xoxo

  6. pretty much always tired, cranky, cynical and also tearing up throughout the Olympics...commercials, those that won medals, and those that didn't. i'm a mess. and would do it all over again.

  7. Love when you guys comment. Thanks for reading!

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