Saturday, June 9, 2012

#needtounplug (10 Signs You're Raising Kids in the Age of Social Media)

1) You often wonder why you're looking at pictures of someone else's kid on Facebook when your own child is sitting right next to you.

2) You've missed epic events, such as first smiles or first steps because you were waiting for the camera on your smart phone to focus.

3) You search Pinterest hoping it will help you become a more creative and innovative parent.

4) Your toddler can navigate YouTube on her own.

5) Google has become your go-to parenting guide.

6) You tweet your baby's birth stats from the delivery room.

7) Instead of calling the pediatrician's office when your child has a fever you ferociously search every open forum ever created on Baby Center looking for answers.

8) All 587 of your closest friends have seen your cervix, thanks to those 3D ultrasound pictures you posted on Facebook.

9) Your 2-year-old has figured out how to unlock your password-protected iPhone.

10) Instead of creating an intimate and private baby book to track your first born's milestones, you started a mommy blog to share the most intimate details of her young, innocent life with the general public.

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