Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just What I Needed

Yesterday Mackenzie told me I was the best mommy in the whole world
I think Doug may have bribed her with candy. 
Either way, it was exactly what I needed.
For some stupid reason a part of me thought that having a second child would be easy. Or at least easier than it was to have the first child.  

In some ways it is easier...
You're not afraid to take the second baby out in public those first few weeks at home, or pull a onesie over his itty bitty head. It's not your first rodeo. You know that a little bit of crying won't break your bundle of joy. But let's face it. The hardest job in the world just got twice as hard. 
So on a day where I shed a few tears of my own, Mackenzie's compliment was the best thing I could've heard. It reminded me why I love being a mom... It took away the sting that was lingering after her tantrum earlier in the day. Made me temporarily forget how frustrated and heartbroken I've been watching Braden spit up after feedings. It erased the skepticism I've had about having two children less than two years apart. Overshadowed the sleep deprivation, the night sweats, the loads upon loads of laundry, the simultaneous crying, the nearly impossible task of leaving the house with an infant and a toddler and all the crap we need now: two sets of extra diapers, two sets of extra clothes, burp cloths, nursing cover, blanket, changing pad, sippy cup, snacks, etc.
Needless to say, Mackenzie's timing was spot on. And she singlehandedly made my heart sing on a day where I felt that my spirit had been shattered.