Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Men Are From Mars...

My brother-in-law recently told me that he never would've known just how different the sexes are had he not had both a son and a daughter. 
For someone who's from a family of girls, I'm pretty naive when it comes to raising a boy.  And the more I talk to moms of males, the more I realize just how in over my head I'll be.  
Here's what I'm dreading... 

* morning wood (yeah, I said it) 

now that that's out of the way... 

* getting sprayed in the face with pee

* circumcision 

* mischief, mayhem, and roughhousing 

* bullying

* superhero underwear

* an affinity for heavy metal music

* an aversion to sports

* slutty teenage girlfriends

... but what I fear most is the day I have to tell my son he's getting too old to call me "mommy". CRUSHING.  

1 comment:

  1. Ok maybe identical twin boys makes me biased, but there's nothing like life with wild monsters - and mine are WILD indeed, but I've never loved trucks, mud, swords, trains, and dogs more:)

    Then when reality hits there's this...(my latest post on my new blog!)

    And the pee thing isnt so bad...you'll learn to laugh it off.